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NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in 14 days

The Matrix: Red Pill

The Matrix: Red Pill

Why study to become an NLP Master Practitioner?

On the NLP Master Practitioner training, you will learn the advanced techniques of NLP; a complete set of advanced NLP techniques that you can use for masterful communication, enabling and coaching. The Master practitioner programme builds upon the NLP Practitioner toolkit, adding further powerful capabilities, and  to your repertoire.
Many of the tools of NLP practitioner processes can be done conversationally, enabling you to facilitate change eloquently and covertly. Additional subjects and NLP processes covered include advanced tools such as Values, Prime Concerns, Meta Programs and Quantum Language patterns. This course is one of the most comprehensive NLP training courses available.

In addition, you will also receive training in advanced Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis techniques, and receive certification as Master Practitioner in both.

View the NLP Master Practitioner Syllabus and Certification standards here

This NLP Master Practitioner course covers some more powerful techniques available to unlock deeper issues:

  • Quantum Language, leading to quantum healing techniques
  • Advance Language Patterns and enabling change through conversation.
  • Meta Programs – conversationally discover personality traits and profiles
  • Effective Presentation and Training skills useful for any situation where you are passing on skills and knowledge to others; in business, or in teaching environments
  • Advanced Techniques for clearing limiting beliefs, limiting states, emotions and behaviours
  • Advanced Negotiation, Persuasion and Influencing skills, Training skills and techniques
  • Aligning Values and Beliefs, clearing and changing values to become more resourceful and motivated
  • Finding Purpose and Identity
  • Finding, Modeling, and re-creating Excellence in whatever field or subject matter
  • Master Time Line Therapy® Certification
  • Master Hypnosis Certification
  • And so much more!

During the NLP Master Practitioner training course, you will discover the Pattern to all NLP patterns – the model of successful intervention and change; you could call it the Meta NLP Pattern

Advanced Time Line Therapyâ„¢ techniques:

  • parallel processes to enable people to conversationally follow through the time line process
  • using and taking Detailed Personal History to to increase results
  • dealing with Anxiety
  • specific Time Line Therapyâ„¢ interventions for mental and physical health;
  • tension, depression
  • panic attacks,
  • anger management
  • etc…..

And you’ll also be Certified as a Master Hypnosis Practitioner:

  • advanced Hypnotherapy techniques
  • Erickson, Estabrooks and Elman hypnosis methods
  • inducing a full body catalepsy
  • inducing trance at various levels
  • a much more

In addition to all of the NLP Master Practitioner processes, we will discuss how to achieve mastery in life AND your Business - How to be successful in business by using advanced techniques in your business processes, sales and advertising, Internet marketing etc.

How else will NLP Master Practitioner Certification benefit you?

There are two key areas of NLP Master Practitioner training; Firstly understanding and utilising advanced language patterns – language, words and phrases that really communicate directly and effectively with a person’s conscious and unconscious mind – this is very, very powerful.

The second key area is the training in Values, including the Claire Graves Values Levels; identifying Values, understanding them, making them more positive and resourceful, and being able to change their importance or introduce new values.

Understanding your values (having cleared out limiting decisions and beliefs), choosing positive resourceful states, having positive strategies in your life; all combine to enable you to see and find a purpose in life, to feel congruent, confident, and feeling you can achieve anything that you wish to achieve in life, relationships, and business. Understanding values is vitally important in Coaching, in Business, in Life.

The real value of becoming a NLP Master Practitioner by taking our neuro linguistic programming courses is in becoming totally empowered, being totally yourself.  I can’t tell you how much motivation comes from knowing your purpose in life, knowing your values and beliefs, and knowing you have the ability to influence and enable anybody who wishes to change themselves…

This is one of the most comprehensive NLP training courses UK.

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