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NLP in Business 2 Day

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NLP in Business Workshop – enabling more Successful Business?

NLP in Business

NLP in Business

The NLP in Business workshop trains you to communicate with excellence, leading to enhanced performance, fulfilment and results. Every Business transaction is initiated by a Person, and every transaction is the result of some form of Communication. NLP is about excellence in communication both externally and internally. You will learn how to master your own state, how to influence and motivate, and how to achieve your goals.

Increasingly, business training courses are recognising and utilising the powerful techniques of NLP in business. Some of these secrets and skills have be used by marketers and advertisers for years, but it is not until you become trained in advanced business communication and interpersonal communication, experiencing the power of the NLP techniques that you realise the advantage you have over others who have not been trained in NLP for business.

ACT NLP can also run these 2 day NLP in Business Workshops in-house or at a venue convenient to your business (if you have 5 or more delegates attending). Alternatively, visit our NLP Course Schedule page for up-coming dates and venues.

This training is of benefit to all Business Owners and Employees alike, including Leaders, Managers and Sales people.

What you will learn from the NLP in Business Workshop

    • NLP Communication Model – how we process events and experience, encode it and store it in memory, and how this, combined with your emotional state and physiology with determine your behaviour and the results you produce
    • Internal Representations – how we encode experience, and how this is linked to our personal success
    • Values and the root of Motivation – what drives us towards success (or move away from failure). how our values affect our motivation towards achievement, which leads to fulfillment and freedom – freedom by having more choices in life, financial freedom, etc.
    • Resource anchoring – learning how to change your state at will, transform into the resourceful state you choose to accomplish your goals. For instance, removing the anxiety before having to stand up in front of the room to do a presentation, or the confidence in front of clients or on the telephone.
    • How to set goals, and how to make them happen!
    • Rapport– how to communicate more effectively, how to be able to influence and persuade by communicating directly with the unconscious mind
Communicate with the Unconscious Mind? It’s widely known that we can only hold a very small amount of information in our conscious mind, and we only use 5% of our brain anyway! – so actually most of what we sense through words, sounds, sight, smell, taste and touch actually goes straight into our unconscious mind – the part of the mind we are not consciously aware of now.

  • NLP sensory acuity – learn how to read how a person is thinking, what they are thinking, and how they have received your communication
  • Meta Programs – discover personality profiles conversationally, what motivates them, and how they make decisions.
  • Strategies – how a person buys – motivation strategy, decision strategy, reassurance strategy
  • Discover the Clients real needs – this is another lesser known ‘secret’ – one that advertisers and Marketers have used for many years; when making a buying decision, people actually make two decisions – one is a conscious decision to buy (because they want it), the other is an unconscious decision to buy(because it satisfies their unmet needs). If you are not aware of their true reasons to buy, you won’t be able to sell!
  • Proposals that work – how to find out what will appeal to the client, and which words / language to use
  • language patterns – how to discover the thought processes of the client, and what words have particular meaning, value and influence for them

To Book an NLP in Busienss Workshop or for further information, Please Call FREEPHONE 0800 988 7371, or complete the enquiry form below;


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