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    QCan I book a course by telephone?

    AYes, Call and we will assist you as required. Telephone us on Freephone 0800-988-7371, or +44(0)-790-6346816

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NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching – Personal Coaching

Personal Performance, Growth and Development

ACT offers NLP coaching (including Executive Coaching) that will enable you to achieve the results you want in your personal and working life.

In these personal coaching sessions, we will focus upon specific areas of your life such as Career, Health & Fitness, Relationships, Financial freedom…

Whatever it is that you want to achieve from these Coaching sessions, we will help enable you to clear away what has held you back in the past, and create the future you dream of.

We also run weekend courses in the how to Create your Future the way you want it, enabling participants to remove their inner limitations and create empowering and compelling futures.

Our process for NLP Coaching:

  • First we take an overview, understanding and defining the issues to be addressed (those you are conscious of, and those that may be outside of your awareness right now)
  • Agree with you the issues to be dealt with
  • Define with clarity the goals/outcomes you want to achieve
  • Facilitate unblocking and removing the obstacles to enable you to achieve your goals
  • And provide on-going support as you consolidate your growth and create your new life

Our intention is full alignment of you – your purpose, identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, skills and behaviour – all aligned to produce the results you want from any area of your life.

To Book an NLP Coaching / Executive Coaching session or for further information, Please Call FREEPHONE 0800 988 7371, or send us an enquiry

What can you expect from NLP Coaching?

NLP Coaching is interested in discovering what a person is doing (that is ineffective or dis-empowering) , and the process of how they are managing to do it – we are not focused upon why this is happening. We are also focused upon the future for that person – not on the past.

The NLP Coaching approach has two main advantages:

  1. The process is relatively ‘content free’
  2. The process is fast.

NLP Coaching makes sure we are pulling out the problem weeds with their roots, so the new garden landscape remains clean and tidy in the future – our intention is to enable you be all you want to be…

The processes we employ are quick and clean – we don’t need to know the detail of the events or experiences behind the presenting problems. NLP Coaching is not about dragging up the past – this is not about weekly sessions taking about all those things.

Our process is aimed at eliminating those limitations that have stopped you from achieving great results in the past, dealing with them quickly, easily and effortlessly, enabling you to create the future you want.

NLP techniques are extremely powerful for Coaching, because NLP works on producing resourceful changes within our neurology (what and how we think), producing life long change results – this is a ‘neurological process’ not ‘psychological’.

NLP Coaching can deal with;

  • eliminating unwarranted negative emotions
  • clearing limiting decisions and beliefs
  • eliciting values in any area of life (career, health, relationships, family, finances, etc.), and cleaning them up
  • setting and achieving clear goals and objectives
  • creating resourceful anchors for choices in your emotional state
  • anxiety / fear of future events
  • phobias
  • achieving new physical performance such as stopping smoking, weight loss, etc.
  • creating more resourceful strategies; in love, relationships, shopping, thinking, etc.
  • Improving communication skills, forming rapport, self confidence, self esteem
  • Improving performance through the mind/body connection in sports, business, etc.

One format for NLP Coaching is the NLP Breakthrough Session, which typically takes 6-8 hours, in 2 or 3 sessions.

To Book an NLP Coaching / Executive Coaching session or for further information, Please Call FREEPHONE 0800 988 7371, or complete the enquiry form below;

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