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    AYes, Call and we will assist you as required. Telephone us on Freephone 0800-988-7371, or +44(0)-790-6346816

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NLP Business Training

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NLP Business Training – designed to enable Excellence

NLP Business Training

NLP Business Training

This NLP Training Business website is about enabling excellence in life and business.

The processes we use in enabling individuals to achieve greater success in life parallels the process we employ in Business Training; to enable businesses to become excellent and highly successful in their market sector.  These tools enable average businesses to be great businesses. Through our NLP Business Training, we aim to enable Individuals, Teams, Managers and Leaders to be the best they can be…

Our Flexible Approach to Business Training;

ACT has 25 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development. We are an approved Training Institute of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Certificated in Business Coaching & Mentoring (Via Huddersfield University), and a Chartered Member of the Institute of Marketing.  Utilising NLP techniques to enhance the training and learning process in our courses, we train our clients in advanced NLP tools of personal development and communication that can turbo-change their growth and success.

Our NLP Business Training improves performance:

1.    Key Performance Measures – Focus upon improving performance of each of the key factors that affect the profitability of the organisation – Prospect Leads, Conversion Rates, No. of Sales, Average Sale value, Profit Margin

2.    Goals, Values, Vision, Culture, Alignment – Understanding the reason for the business, what drives and motivates the owner, managers and employees, enabling the business to facilitate personal achievement and fulfillment in the lives of those connected with the business.

3.    People, Idea/s, Implementation analysis – enhance the performance of key individuals, teams,  products/services, and processes

4.    Business leverage – Leveraging the performance of people and processes within the key functional areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Manufacturing, etc., including:

  • Sales, Negotiation, Telephone Sales, Communication skills and Processes for Sales People, Sales Teams, Internal Sales Support,
  • Marketing, Internet Marketing, Website Leverage, Search Engine Optimisation, etc.
  • Communication skills and processes for individuals, teams, departments, inter-departmental
5.    Systems leverage – analysis and improving systems and processes

6.    Results – monitor results against goals, and feedback into the system for continuous development

Where do we operate:

Located on the West Kent/East Sussex borders, we serve small business and startups through to large corporations throughout the South East of England; both private and public sector organisations.
For further information on NLP Business Training, Please Call FREEPHONE 0800 988 7371, or complete the enquiry form below;


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