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NLP Breakthrough Session

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Personal NLP Coaching – NLP Breakthrough Session

Typical NLP Breakthrough Coaching Format

An NLP Breakthrough session (part of NLP Coaching) is a powerful  and brief form of Coaching – a typical breakthrough session, dealing with the prevailing self-limitations and problems for a client will typically take 8-10 hours, over 2-3 sessions. Follow up support helps to maintain the breakthroughs and progress made in the sessions.

The process below outlines the structure of a typical NLP breakthrough process for resolving self-limitations and problems in key areas of life such as Health, Friends & Family, Relationships, Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Wealth.

Typical problems and issues may be: stress, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, lack of self confidence / self esteem, phobias, unresourceful habits and strategies, etc.
Clients typically want to achieve a re-newed sense of alignment, congruence, confidence, empowerment, drive, motivation and purpose.

The aim of the NLP Breakthrough session is to identify and release the prime causes of self-limitation, dis-harmony and feelings of being ‘stuck’ in life, enabling movement towards creating and achieving the future truly desired. These issues might in relationships or family, business or career, health, Wealth or spirituality.


Pre-session Questionnaire

First Session:

Pre-Frame –

  1. Structure of the sessions.
  2. Introduction of the Conscious/Unconscious Mind
  3. Introduce concept of ‘Cause and Effect’.
  4. The Mind and Body are linked – the Mind controls the body
  5. Introduction to the Presuppositions of NLP

Detailed Personal History

  1. Define precisely the problem/s

Elicit Values (for the appropriate area of life)
Find any Prime Concerns
Goals/Achievable Outcomes – what will life be like having resolved these problems?

Second Session:

Interventions/Change work using NLP patterns, to:

  1. Release negative emotions
  2. Release limiting decisions/beliefs
  3. Release any prime concerns
  4. Integrate any Parts
  5. Clean up Values

Test that the desired outcome has been achieved
Programme the Future. Focus on Goals and future Outcomes
Install any Resources required
Follow up support to remain on track towards goals

To Book an NLP Breakthrough session or for further information, Please Call FREEPHONE 0800 988 7371, or complete the enquiry form below;


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