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Create Your Future Weekend

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Create Your Future: 2 Day Weekend Workshop

This ‘Create your Future’ personal growth 2 day weekend workshop gives you the tools to creating your life the way you have wanted to, yet somehow haven’t managed to achieve it.

This life changing process will transform you, to be all you can be.

On this two day intensive Create your Future course, you will discover:

Create your Future

Create your Future

  • your identity
  • your purpose
  • values and beliefs,
  • alignment
  • confidence
  • congruence
  • self esteem

– and knowing you can achieve anything you want in your future.

How?– you’ll get in touch with the real you, and not that self-talk person you hear telling you why you can’t do something - those are the filters you have put in place through your life’s experiences to keep you in your comfort zone. Imagine for a moment, if you removed those negative filters…

How much more could you achieve?

When you change your:

  • limiting decisions you made about yourself and others,
  • limiting beliefs that constantly hold you back,telling you that you ‘are not good enough’,
  • values that may be conflicting or negative.
  • unwarranted negative emotions

… These deeply held filtering systems, along with unresourceful thought strategies keep you from being the full potential that you really are.

By identifying and removing these negative blockages over the Create your future weekend, you’ll have the ability to make new choices above life, your relationships, your career, health and fitness, and become aligned, fulfilled, congruent and confident. you’ll be able to find freedom – freedom to choose;

how you want to respond, behave, the results you want, financial freedom

Without removing the blockages and limitations, you are not free to choose to be the person that you really are. How will that feel?

Other unresourceful unwarranted emotions will be cleared, and you’ll find out how to choose to be in a  resourceful state to enable you to succeed in those things you want to do.

Dealing with the issues from your past that hold you back in the present, you’ll be able to create your future the way you want it, and have the skills and resources to get there.

Once you have a sense of purpose, identity, wholeness, you will become more intuitive, and see the goals and achievements you want to set in order to achieve fulfillment. On this course you will set these goals, and how you will achieve them.

What is the Secret to Your Future?

The secret is an advanced technique for bringing dreams into reality. It is only a ‘secret’ because not many people have heard about, and fewer have used it, because they have not had the chance to attend one of these Create your Future workshops -  where you don’t just learn about it, you do it, you put it into reality, and so enable a new reality for your future.

Clear out the past and enable yourself to achieve peace of mind, personal success, love and happiness, choices and freedom.

what stops you? what do you have to lose? what could you gain and what would that be worth to you?

Create your Future – ACT! Now…

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