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Business NLP Cert. 5 Day

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Business NLP Certification Course, 5 days

NLP in Business

NLP in Business

This is a 5 day Business NLP course in the tools of achieving Personal Excellence in Business; result-orientated techniques, incorporating Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The techniques learnt, experienced and practised on this course will lead directly to increased sales, improved performance and communication internally and externally, and develop excellence in personnel, managers and leaders.

We run the Business NLP course from our venues in the South East of England. Alternatively, if you have 5 or delegates, we can run the course at your premises or a location convenient to you – please contact us for details.

Other courses for Business Excellence include: our NLP in Business 2 Day Workshops (which again can be run at your premises), and our Introduction to NLP workshops. We can provide bespoke training courses and workshops to meet your specifications, in Sales, Marketing, Negotiation, Team Building, Communication, Rapport, Presenting, Managing, Leading and Coaching

How will you benefit from the Business NLP training course?

  • Enhance your personal, management and leadership skills
  • Learn Powerful negotiation skills and tools
  • Increase Personal and Team performance, directly impacting the bottom line
  • Learn the 5 step sales process
  • Understand how to motivate others
  • Be in control of your state; choose the state you wish to be in at any time
  • Find powerful and positive internal resources
  • Become more persuasive and influential
  • Become more intuitive; understand what and how other people are thinking
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Discover and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Set and achieve your goals
  • Form Rapport with people quickly and deeply
  • Deal with stress and anxiety

What will you learn on this Business NLP Course?

This course includes pre-study material (CD’s , workshop Manual and Powerpoint slides). The 5 day intensive training includes; instruction, demonstration, discussion and the chance to practice the techniques.  The training uses NLP techniques to ensure you learn these skills in the most effective way. Coaching and assessment is given throughout the training, leading to Certification.

Here is an overview of the Business NLP course content:

Frames for Success:

      • The NLP Communication Model
        • Applications for Business
      • Are You at Cause or Effect?
      • Perception is Projection
      • Separating Reality from Illusion in Managing Business

Create and Achieve your Goals:

      • Setting Goals and Achieving them
      • Creating Direction
      • Intention, Purpose & Outcome
      • Outcome Definition

Pacing and Leading Others:

      • Physiology and  Thinking
      • Using your Senses
      • Developing Trust
      • Know How Others Think
      • Leading
      • Tapping into Values

Empowering States:

      • Maintaining Resourceful States
      • Anchoring Positive Attitudes
      • Changing State in Self and Others
      • From Procrastination to Motivation

Excellence in Communication:

      • How People Create Meaning
      • Deletions/Generalisations/Distortions
      • Directing Language to Influence
      • Gaining Agreement
      • Effective Negotiating
      • Mastering Communication
      • Giving & Receiving Feedback
      • The Power of Metaphor
      • Managing Conflict

Performance Excellence:

    • Understanding Values & Beliefs
    • NLP for Stress Management
    • NLP for Time Management
    • NLP Sales Strategies
    • Presenting with Passion
    • Meetings for Action

For more details of our Business NLP course dates and venues, please visit our NLP Course Schedule page, or contact us..