What is Business Coaching?

The aim of our Business Coaching to give you back more time, fulfillment, freedom, wealth – more success, more life. 

We know how hard it is to run your own business; keeping up with the constantly changing world is difficult enough, and finding the time to optimise sales, marketing, systems and business processes and run the company at the same time can be daunting.

In addition to Business Coaching, we also offer Business Training packages to provide you with the skills necessary to achieve your goals in the 21st Century. Our expertise and focus is in the skills and processes of Sales, Marketing, Negotiation, Presenting, Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, etc.

Business Coaching is often a misunderstood term - because there are so many variations (e.g. Business Training, Business Mentoring, Advising, Teaching, Executive Coaching, Entrepreneur Enabling, Consulting, Counselling, Facilitating and so on) that are used almost interchangeably, and so many varying degrees of service/product packages in the field.

What we mean by Business Coaching is enabling the business owner and entrepreneur to find and utilise the resources necessary to achieve their goals and rewards in life and business – without us being the teacher or adviser – in other words, this is a ‘do with’ (together) process, not a ‘do to’.

What is the Secret to Business Success with Business Coaching?

– Following Simple Formulas! -  A successful business comes from unlimiting each of the elements of the equation:

the Person x the Idea x the Implementation

  • most business development books, courses and consultants focus upon the Idea and Business functions; we start with the Person (the first part of the equation)
  • the exact limit of the success of a business is directly related to the limitations of the people within it
  • the success of the Idea is limited by the value of the idea to the client (although this value is often not consciously known to the client, or the business)
  • Business is Marketing – businesses need to be very good at Implimenting marketing in the Internet age
  • The business and the person should be aligned
  • The limitations of the business and the person can be unblocked –  your goals can be achieved in life and business

There are other fundamental formulas and processes that you can focus upon to ensure you don’t have to learn the hard way, can stay motivated, and ensure you reach the goals you have set for financial security and freedom.

We follow simple formulas for success: such as business key performance factors:

  • Increasing Leads / Potential Clients
  • x Increasing Lead Conversion to Clients
  • x Increasing the Number of Sales to each Client
  • x Increasing the Profit Margin for each sale
  • = Massive increase in Profits

– Small percentage gains in each of the above, when multiplied together, have massive impact on your bottom line profits.

ACT NLP have the skills to empower the person and the business, to clear the blockages, to align both together;  to achieve more freedom, more time, more fulfillment, more life.

If you believe you or your business could be achieving more, and are not sure what you need, then come and talk to ACT NLP – we know how to listen…

In addition to offering Business Coaching and bespoke Business Training packages, we also run an NLP Introduction Course, a NLP in Business 2 Day workshop and an Business NLP 5 Day Certification course for excellence in communication, rapport building, negotiation, presenting, etc…

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